Monday, April 20, 2009


His fever is up to 101.9. He is miserable. Cranky. They did a chest x-ray because he still had his cough. No word yet on what that looked like.

He hasn't eaten since his snack in the afternoon. Hard to say if he's hungry or not. I gave him some juice, which he is pleased to be drinking.

Musical Daddy is here too, thankfully, but I'll be the one staying the night.

I haven't stayed the night in the hospital in awhile, because during chemo, I don't stay. And as I mentioned, we've been avoiding the extra hospital stays.

I sometimes forget when we're in the ER that they don't necessarily know The Boy or his quirks. I'm just now realizing that I probably should have asked for a bed...unless the people in our usual area of the hospital, where we'll be going, have remembered. It is likely, because we haven't had to ask for a bed in months.

He is refusing his Tylenol, which they have approved for him to try and bring the fever down. Sometimes he does that. Sometimes he'll take it happily. The things that he takes well pretty much all the time are his vitamins and Zofran. As I've mentioned several times, it is impossible to force him to take medicine. He'll throw up. I'm surprised that we even got as much in as we did--he was given almost 2 mL and there is about 1 mL left.

I really hate the attitude that we get from the nurses, and sometimes the doctors, about forcing him to take medicine. Not only do we not want to make medicine administration a traumatic, nightmare-inducing experience (he already has plenty of those), we don't want him throwing up any more than he may already. They make me feel like I'm a wimpy mother for not forcing him to take his medicine. I already give him his shots every day (except for today--I brought it with me and the nurse did it, so I wouldn't have to disturb him). He has gotten used to plenty of medical procedures that other kids go batty about, like his finger-stick for blood tests and getting his blood pressure taken. So if it were just a matter of him getting used to the medication, I'd suffer through some fits knowing that he'd eventually get over it.

The nurse is going to check and see if his room is ready. I'm betting we'll be in the hospital until Thursday or Friday.

Oh, and we're rescheduling the swingset installation. Probably a day or two after we get home from the hospital. It's supposed to rain tomorrow anyway.


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

Keeping you guys in my thoughts. I hope that his temp goes down soon and that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Heather said...

Thinking of you. I hope the little guy starts to feel better soon.

I don't blame you for not forcing the meds down him. He has gone through a lot and 2 ml is better than none.

JC said...

I'm right there with you on the medicine. I will not even try to give Summer oral liquids anymore. She will chew up pills pretty good though. They brought liquid Zyrtec today and I told them I would just give her one of her pills from my purse. I can't believe you get to blog so much while at the hospital. Summer won't hardly let me get on the computer. But, when I have company I take a moment to try to update.