Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's see which of us is crazy

I just had an exchange with The Boy's oncologist regarding the treatment of the infection and the timetable of events since we got here. I'm currently looking back through my entries, since I've written down pretty much everything that has happened since his admission, to see which of us is crazy.

I'm not sure exactly which happened first--the administration of the first dose of Vancomycin or the blood draw for the second culture. I know that I wrote about him requiring Vancomycin before I wrote about them redrawing the blood. Either way, the second culture was taken after he had received either no doses or one dose of Vancomycin, meaning that the Vancomycin should not be given credit for the second blood culture being negative. He had had 24 hours of Cefepime at the time of the second blood draw.

The doctor wants to keep him medicated so that nasty bacterial infection doesn't win. Those are dangerous. I get that, completely. However, if he is on two medications and the first one did the job without the help of the second one, I'd rather that he not get the second one because then when he does need the second one at some other juncture, it will actually work.

I was pretty irritated about that whole exchange because it seemed like they didn't have their information straight.

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