Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chemo 6, Day 2

The Boy had a bit of a fever yesterday evening, which was cause for concern, but when I learned that his temperature was taken while he was playing around and tearing up the place, and eating nonstop, it bothered me less. It went down a bit later on and was back within normal range by the morning.

I stopped by on my way to rehearsal, just to check in with him. He's too cute. When I returned after rehearsal, I joined him for a somewhat fitful and uncomfortable nap. He was neither fitful nor uncomfortable--that was pregnant me trying to share a bed with the baby, while sleeping on the wrong side, and having a cold. So I did sleep and I think I'm better off for it, but nonetheless.

"Are you a TV? Are you a grape?" It was funny when Musical Daddy came in just now and The Boy was too busy.

His temperature was 97.0 axillary as he slept, so he is, at least for now, off the hook in terms of having any sort of fever. His first chemo began at 1:30, so it will finish at 7:30. He will have his second chemo, the one with the blood pressure monitoring, when he might actually still be awake.

Right now, he is raiding the fridge. He knows how to open it up, and he stands in front of it like a teenager.

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