Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still here...

No major changes. The oncologist is in the building but hasn't gotten to us yet.

Today's blood pressure has been either low or normal, so he did not get his extra dose of medicine. He is back on the IV, but his drip is extra-slow, just to keep the line open. I think that has made the biggest difference; he does get puffy when he is on IV for too long.

He is a little tired this morning. That's okay--so am I. We slept fine, but we were up in the middle of the night for some stuff. I don't remember what. The Boy was content, so I didn't bother getting myself out of bed to put anything on TV.

I hadn't watched Goodnight Moon with him at all this visit, but last night we watched it twice. He has been asking for what he wants to watch. It's pretty funny. This morning I was able to convince him to watch Classical Baby, the art show and dance show, even though I think he initially wanted Winnie The Pooh. That's what we're on right now. Again. But it's so pleasant.

Musical Daddy got us some Sesame Street short shows. I was glad because it was new stuff to watch. They even had one about dealing with severe illness/hospitalization. We watched it this morning, and for some reason, it made me cry. And it takes a lot for that to happen. I guess I have to be in the right state of mind, or the wrong state of mind if you want to think of it that way.

The Boy ate yogurt and rice cakes before his breakfast arrived and was not interested in anything on his tray when it got here. He ate three slices of turkey cold cut and drank an entire cup of juice at 10-ish. Now he is asleep for his midday nap. We are awaiting the arrival of my aunt and uncle. I find it very interesting that they live 2.5 hours away, yet she is so willing to get in the car and come here (so is he but she comes more often by herself), but other people who are much closer to here or to our house make such a fuss about the trip. Ah well--my Aunt Fran, z"l, always said that you do what you want to do. As in, if there's something that is important enough to you, you'll make it happen.

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