Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cute, 24/7..and we're not going anywhere.

Last night, The Boy fell asleep at a reasonable hour and, mostly, stayed asleep until a reasonable hour in the morning. Except that at 2 AM the pediatrician on the floor woke us to ask about a newish bruise on The Boy, thinking that it was on his leg. Actually, it was on his forehead, in plain sight. They wanted to figure out whether to transfuse platelets today.

While the nurse and the doctor were still talking--maybe something in the inflection indicated that they were done--The Boy said "Bye!" a few times to them. Either he was just being polite, or he wanted them to get the heck out so he could sleep.

But then, when they left, he was trying to get down off the bed. I thought he was saying "bye" to me too, but he seemed to be saying "play" because that's what he wanted to do. Yeah, no. We're not playing at 2-something in the morning. I dozed through the Classical Baby music show and Winnie The Pooh. In the middle of Pooh, we were asleep.

I should also mention that after getting off the phone with Musical Daddy, even though The Boy was long asleep, I put on Winnie The Pooh just for myself. The relative silence was rather lonely.

Well. This morning's counts were 5 for platelets (yes, 5, where the normal is in the hundreds), 10.1 for hemoglobin (after yesterday's transfusion) and .4 white count. For those keeping track at home, the white count has gone down from yesterday's .5 and the .6 of the day before, and we want the white count to go up. More specifically, the doctors want the white count to go up before they'll let us leave.

This morning when he was eating breakfast, he threw up a little bit of mucus. Not actually a bad thing, because he doesn't really know how to spit it out. There was a bit of bile in there too but it was mostly mucus. After he calmed down a bit and had some juice, he was fine to eat about half of his omelet and some of the hash brown cake thing, with ketchup of course. They brought the wrong yogurt (I'm not giving him sugar-free), so once they brought the right stuff, he had about 1/3 of that too, and might have a bit more as we lie around here watching Dr. Horrible.

Also, with the infection, whatever it is, they want it to clear up before we go anywhere. Again, it's a good thing I don't have work to worry about, because I'd be a world-class basket case. Not that I'm so thrilled to be here, but I can take a more casual attitude about it. I still maintain that he is generally healthier at home, but in a case like this, where infection of some sort is a factor, I'd rather that he be monitored and given his IV meds. Some of the other hospitalizations, I've felt much more strongly that getting him out would be healthier for him...not so much this time. So we'll leave when we do, and that's about it...

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Sarah said...

I cant believe they even offer sugar free yogert there!?! How many hospital patients would actually benefit from the sugar free vs. regular yogert? wow.