Monday, April 13, 2009

And so it begins, again...

The return to normal life, where most of the time, it's just me and The Boy.

Two days of holiday, followed by three days of chemo, during which I had a lot of singing to do and was barely even around.

Last night's diaper proceedings really weren't that bad. Fortunately, there was no more of that poo in the middle of the night. I dozed on the chair until midnight, at which point I got up and changed The Boy. He didn't wake up much, just yipped and snuggled in with Daddy. At 4 AM I woke again, after having moved into the bed and having covered up with extra pads. Which, by the way, were VERY warm. Same thing--just snuggled in with Daddy after the change.

He actually slept past 7:15 this morning, allowing me to take my shower. He had an egg and a few spoons of yogurt for breakfast. He changed his mind about matzah, I think. At 8:15 I drank my orange drink for the glucose test, and we left the house at 8:30.

Musical Daddy was kind enough to offer to take The Boy at school while I went to my appointment. Most of the time was during a prep period anyway, so it wasn't too difficult. I gained 7 pounds since my last appointment. I also look a lot more pregnant.

Now we're home and hopefully will catch a nap before physical therapy. And maybe I can clean a bit--the house is a MESS!

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