Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Works like magic

It is only a bit after 8 and The Boy is already asleep. He seemed pretty tired, so I put on Goodnight Moon. He was asleep about 5 minutes into the movie. He was happily saying "hush" during the Goodnight Moon story and drifted off at some point before The Nightmare in My Closet.

He did not nap as long as he had been while here; this is not too much earlier than he normally sleeps at home but quite a bit earlier than has been his habit during this hospital visit.

Tonight we have another new nurse. She is young, and she seems very thorough. She told me exactly what she was going to be doing when and asked me how to do things like take The Boy's BP and temp in the least disturbing fashion. She explained several things that I already knew, but I'd rather that she tell me too much than leave stuff out. She also asked about which way to walk around in the room--I said not to step on the playmat.

I'll be picking up the toys after I finish this entry. They were all cleaned during The Boy's midday nap.

The plan, as I sketched it out, is a bit different. I'm here tonight and was here last night. Musical Daddy has chorus tonight, and contest is this weekend. He'd be arriving here pretty late to relieve me, and then I'd have to go home and come back. Tomorrow night, I'll be going to orchestra and going home from there. I have to arrive at the hospital earlier on Thursday, but I'll at least get the scenery change. I'll probably stay Thursday night, since Musical Daddy has rehearsal and the same sort of thing--he'd be getting here pretty late to relieve me and it wouldn't really be worth it to go home at that hour.

Then, on Friday, Grandpa (my father-in-law) will pick up Grandma (my mommy) at the airport. They'll be here for lunch.

I'll go home after lunch to be there for the bath fitter guy, and I'll do a load of laundry while that's going on. I'll return to the hospital for dinner with Grandma and The Boy, and then I'm going to a concert!!!

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