Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've had more productive weeks....

But such is life.

Still negative on the second blood culture, yet they are still giving him the two antibiotics--Cefepime and Vancomycin. Both are broad-spectrum; the Vancomycin is much stronger, I believe. The second culture was drawn after he had had a day's worth of Cefepime. They still want to keep him on at least one of these antibiotics while his white count is still so low. It should go up in the morning, hopefully by a good chunk, but I'll take another .1 increase because up is good.

High blood pressure this evening, which concerns me. He did take his medicine today (I think) and has taken it reliably since he's been in the hospital. I did have them move it back to the evening, which mean that he went longer than a day without it, but he has missed doses before and then gone to appointments the next day having 90/50 BP anyway. Hopefully this is just...I don't even know what it could be. That's what is frightening, because I can't rationalize it away, nor can I find a bright side to look at with this issue, only hope that it just goes away and that it was a fluke.

I guess that's close enough--maybe it's a fluke, is my logical and rational explanation for why The Boy had blood pressures that are probably worse than my mother's. They take the same medication, by the way.

Musical Daddy is more likely to see the worse side of things. Not that I'm a sunshine-and-lollipops person all the time, and not that he's so doom-and-gloom, but I'm more likely to say that we'll wait and see how something turns out, or that I trust that it's going to go smoothly because there's no logical reason for it to go otherwise. And if it's bad, we'll manage anyway.

So...somehow or other, we'll get an explanation for what is up with his BP. Or maybe he wants to have high BP for a month or so in order to use up that really expensive medicine that we had to buy after his stay in Philadelphia. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but they are REALLY into using lots of medication down there at that hospital. No, we don't want to let him eat yet even though he did poo--let's just drug him some more.

Anyhow, moving on...

Last night and tonight, Daddy is staying with The Boy. They haven't had much time together this week. Tomorrow night, either I will stay or we'll both stay. That might be nice, because I actually like my family.

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