Friday, April 3, 2009

Good news and bad in the count department

Good news: The Boy needed neither blood nor platelets at his appointment. Means that we didn't stay for too long and didn't need to return the next day. Bad news: whites were down, so he still needs his neupogen shots. They weren't so low that we need to keep him in the house and away from all people, but until they start coming up, he still gets his shots. Probably until Monday's count check.

Win some, lose some.


JC said...

Summer begged me not to give her a shot last night. :( Seems like we are losing all over lately. Hope her counts go up soon. Glad you won't have to be in isolation this weekend.

nancy said...

Well, I just can't wait until the "win somes" are way way way more than the "lose somes".

mommybird said...

Well I'm glad you don't have to isolate him. David was born 5 days after my son, Dylan. We were on the parenting boards together and I've followed you through all of this. You are the strongest mommy I know. I can't wait for all of this to be over for you.