Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm so little, but I take up the whole bed...

The Boy is actually sleeping comfortably by himself in the little ER bed. He started to get upset, and we were going to switch places, but as soon as Musical Daddy got up out of bed, The Boy settled back down and went back to sleep. Not only that, but he just whined a bit, turned, and went back to sleep again, without either of us next to him.

I'm guessing it's a fluke, because he is so tired and feverish. His fever is down to 99.3 axillary after Tylenol, but that's still higher than it should be.

Still waiting to go upstairs. Grumble grumble. And I know it's the ER's fault. I can't really blame them, because they probably have bigger emergencies than moving a kid who is not in any hurry from one spot to another. We're just used to such VIP treatment for The Boy, and when we get something different from that, it's a bother.

The weather is supposed to be crappy tomorrow, as I may or may not have mentioned. So it's not like we had anything fun to do anyway. The weekend is supposed to be lovely. Hopefully his counts will be out of the toilet and he'll have his swingset. Even with marginal counts, he can still go outside and play on his swingset. Because it's his swingset. I'm excited.

w00t! Someone is coming. We'll be up in a few minutes, as soon as the nurse finishes taking another patient upstairs.

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JC said...

Summer did not do a good job of sharing the bed last night either. She took up about 2/3.