Monday, April 27, 2009

Kidney, and a new week

It works. That's what the nephrologist said. His first ultrasound and his urinalysis were fine. He had another ultrasound today, this one in the vascular department to check how blood was moving through there.

A new week means a new needle, so The Boy is free of his tubing again for now as they wait for the EMLA cream to work and they can reaccess him.

Once the reaccess happens, he's due for more blood. His hemoglobin is still in the toilet. You wouldn't know it, to watch him play and jump around like a crazy man. Although if anemia causes extra hunger, certainly that could explain his performance at lunchtime.

He did not get to have a snack, although he ate breakfast in shifts. The first a bit before 7; the second at about 8:45. Yogurt and rice cakes. No interest in anything else. So he went from then until almost 1:00, because lunch was late getting here. For lunch, he ate his chicken leg, rice, a few bites of broccoli, two slices of turkey, and several little bites of pastrami.

The music therapist came and The Boy had an excellent time. The child life people also brought some fun crafts--stickers, foam, glue--we'll probably do that tomorrow.

Going to give The Boy a bath while he's free.

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JC said...

Does it not bother him when they take off the adhesive to change the port needle? That is Summer's least favorite part. Does he let them take it off or do they use some sort of dissolvant? Trying to figure out how to make it less painful for her. She still adhesive all over her chest from our last visit. She won't let me clean it off because it hurts. ?????