Saturday, February 21, 2015

Not in MY house of worship

Had a weird experience today. 

There's this guy who has been attending services for the past few weeks, as a guest, who seems to be trying to drum up support for a presidential campaign. Yes, of the USA.

At the kiddush, I heard his voice, with a bit more country in it than that to which I am accustomed, say something about "Not Adam and Steve."

Hackles up.

After several others including the rabbi let him know that we don't hold by anti-gay rhetoric here, I stepped in and rearticulated, since he wasn't taking the hint. "But I'm in favor of marriage! Man and woman!" he said.

"Most people are born liking the opposite sex. Most people are born right-handed," I said. "But some people are born liking the same sex. And some are born left-handed. We are a progressive congregation, and you won't find support here."

I don't think he spoke with anyone else there but he sat there for awhile. I looked at him a few times.

I hope he takes the hint. Families come in many forms and the way some people build their families...does not affect what others do. The Gay is not contagious.