Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maybe seeing the end...?

Since chemo starts tomorrow, and we know that a chemo stay has a definite end...all we have to do is keep The Boy from having any more problems between now and then.

Unfortunately, the blood pressure is a bigger issue now. Initially, the nephrologist said that it was mostly caused by the IV fluids, since she ordered all kinds of other tests to rule out an actual kidney problem. I think it's still the IV fluids, along with just the hospital stay and fighting infections and processing meds...basically, the hospital is making him sicker, so we have to get him outta here.

I left before dinner last night to go home and then go to orchestra rehearsal. I didn't even stay the whole time, but I'm still glad I went. Daddy stayed last night.

This morning when I put The Boy in his chair for breakfast, he started hacking and coughing and gagging, eventually bringing up a big hunk of mucus. He was upset but felt better after about 30 seconds, after which he ate about 1/2 cup of yogurt. Minor issue; major production.

Now we're watching Sesame Street until the real breakfast arrives.

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