Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Preggo Brain

Went food shopping with The Boy, stopped by Daddy's school since the timing was good and he came out to give kisses. Then he asked if I was able to find something at the store, which I wasn't, so I went to Big Lots where I knew it was, since The Boy was in a good mood. Fun trip, got several good things. Got home, went to unload the car...and realized that all my Big Lots stuff was still in the cart!!

I went back to the store and, fortunately, the stuff was still in the cart. I explained to a lady in the parking lot what happened and she said "Girl you're lucky it's still here!"

With my mental state, I said "I'm lucky that I left the stuff and remembered the baby!"


Sarah R said...

Aah!!! Glad your stuff was still there though.

Heather said...

Preggo brain sucks! Glad you things were still there.