Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hospital help

I can't even imagine what it would be like if I had to wait for everything that we needed or ask the nurses to get stuff for us. It would take forever.

I would really like it if the nurse would close the door when she enters and exits the room. I'd get up and close it myself but there's a boy on me.

If I didn't bathe The Boy, he wouldn't get bathed. If I didn't get clean sheets, we wouldn't have had them since Friday. At home we change the sheets once a week, but in the hospital we really like to do it every day. Not just because we don't do the laundry but because enough stuff gets on the sheets. And I feel like I sweat more in a hospital bed. The Boy does too, I think. If I didn't take the food tray down or ask the nurse to do it, it wouldn't happen. The person comes around once and skips us a lot of the time even if we are done.

There has been an issue with The Boy's IV, where if it is pulled even slightly, or even if it isn't, it beeps and says that there is air in there. I asked for new tubing and of course it happened again...but hopefully it will be fine from now on.

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Sarah R said...

I wonder if they are short staffed there like they are here. Around here, nurses are losing their jobs as hours are cut back. It's happening at both hospitals here. It sucks that they're being so stupid though--that is no excuse. With someone immune-compromised as your son is, I would think they would treat those patients as top priority.