Sunday, April 12, 2009

Night Sounds

Earlier I posted something that was just a title. It wasn't exactly a mistake--my iPod's BlogWriter app doesn't actually work, and for some reason I also can't seem to get the keyboard to pop up in the text body box, only in the title. Big pain. Musical Daddy was on the laptop, and all I wanted to do was post that we were home.

No major medical excitement. The Boy has loose poo this evening. I'm not sure if I'm so concerned about it, though, only because it didn't seem like really foul, toxic stuff...just loose. Yes, when you become a parent, you become an expert at bowel movement analysis. He wasn't all that hungry today and ate mostly grapes, raisins, and drank juice. At dinner time, he ate several handfuls of cheddar cheese. No starches to speak of. He liked matzah for a day or two, and now I think he is over it. So we'll have to find him some other starch. For breakfast, I think I'll break Passover (but only for him, because he is a baby with a medical issue) and give him Cream of Rice. When we go up for my OB appointment, we'll stop at the store and see if they have the Passover mac and cheese. If not, I'll buy Passover pasta and make my own mac and cheese for him. I'll also be sure to have dark meat chicken for him. If they have any dark meat turkey, that would be even better.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Because I'll be exhausted. I'm trying to stay up an extra half an hour so that I can do the next diaper change. I set an alarm just in case, though.

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