Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Pain

They brought in a crib. The nurse says that there's no expectation that we have to use it for anything other than storage and a changing table but that if it's not there, she could get in trouble. She's a nurse that we have frequently, and we always like her, so I can certainly sympathize with her. Cribs are the rule for kids under 3, apparently.

Now I can appreciate the fact that the crib is supposed to be safe. So what does The Boy do as soon as he sees it? Tries to climb into the storage bin underneath, of course. And when I removed him, he hit his head. Not hard, but it wasn't fun for him. Crib safety indeed. Fortunately, the back rails on the crib come down in addition to the side rails. Additionally, the crib is now in front of the fridge, and when I need to get in there, I just scoot the thing over.

We sat on the bed, turned on Winnie The Pooh, and colored. He was very wet and I needed to change the fitted sheet. Usually when we need something, they are pretty quick (or I have another person in here so I can go get it myself). Of course this time it took awhile. In the meantime, The Boy decided that the bare mattress looked good and he wanted to take a bite. Great. You have an infection and now you want another one.

Then he decided he wanted to play with the high chair. Usually that means that he wants to eat, but dinner is late today. How perfect.

Holding him back from doing any of these activities causes him to throw fits. Once I got him calmed down, the nurse came in with the Neupogen and asked if I'd like to go ahead and give it to him. I did, no problem. "Like" is another story. He got over it quickly. We're sitting and watching Baby Songs and waiting for dinner.

As much as I love this boy, I think I'll be glad to go home for the night, making this the first time I've left hospital property since our arrival, even though I have to be back here REALLY early in the AM.


JC said...

Hope you get some good sleep at home! That crib sounds like an accident waiting to happen. gotta love bureacracy...

areyoukiddingme said...

Sounds like the boy is getting tired of the hospital. I hope you're able to get some good rest and that he'll be well enough to go home soon.