Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rip Van Boy

He is SOOO sleepy!! He slept a little past 7AM. We had breakfast. He had a few bites of cereal and his entire egg with ketchup. I'm sure he would have eaten more egg if given to him, but I am probably going to give him another one later in the day, and three eggs in a day is too many, I think. He drank plenty of juice too. After our shower, we snuggled and watched Winnie The Pooh. Then he started his perusal of the kitchen. He had a fruit bar (I'm glad he likes those again) and soon after, he ended up on my lap, asleep, where he has been for the past hour or so. Much earlier than normal for a morning nap.

He doesn't seem too "unhealthy." Not feverish. He doesn't seem pale. He is a bit more cranky than he would otherwise be. I think it's still the chemo in there. Zofran twice a day, for sure. Zofran also causes drowsiness, I've heard, although it doesn't usually affect him much.

It's fine--he is sleeping and I am resting my pregnant self on this chair, with my feet up, which is probably pretty good for me anyway.

I keep meaning to get a good look inside his mouth to see if it's those blasted molars finally coming in. He also could be growing again.


JC said...

I can't get Summer to eat eggs. Maybe one bite if I am lucky. Glad he is not doing too bad.

the mol said...

Ketchup. Eggs go with ketchup when you're that age.

james oh said...

I do understand your struggle and i know it is not easy. What i can say is that keep looking at the bright side of it and you will feel much better. Alternatively, you may visit me at my blog so as it can lift you up to your highest spirit possible. See you there and look forward to hearing from you