Thursday, April 16, 2009


I panicked because I thought I had forgotten an appointment for our BathFitter repair, but then when I called, it was next week. So no harm done.

Anyhow, we woke up at 7 this morning. The Boy ate his entire breakfast of yogurt, shredded wheat, and an egg. He even asked for a bit more yogurt. We relaxed for a bit, I took a quick shower, and then we went to Trader Joe's. Following that, we stopped at Musical Daddy's school for kisses. That's fun to do. He gets so happy and comes right out, and of course The Boy says "dad-dy! dad-dy!"

Next stop was for sand. I tried Target, but they didn't have it. Home Depot did, which I knew, but Target was on the way and I had a gift card.

When we got home, I put the sand and The Boy in the wagon, rolled the sandbox and the wagon to the backyard, and put it in place. We'll be playing outside in the sandbox shortly.


Sarah R said...

Do you like having a wagon? DH bought one--it's a Radio Flyer, and he got a good deal on it. It was $80 at Farm & Fleet; online, it's $130. It has the all-terrain tires and wooden sides.

We haven't taken it out of the box yet, because I didn't know if we'd need it in addition to the jogging stroller (which also converts to a bike trailer).

Are there benefits to having both a wagon and a stroller? If so, I'll totally keep it. I just didn't know.

the mol said...

Don't know if you need both but it's fun, and different. Also nice to put a friend in, or bring more stuff. Wagons don't go inside, though.

Heather said...

A sandbox. What fun!