Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rise and Shine

The Boy was asleep early last night. He was up at 5:45 and asked to watch Pooh. The movie is over an hour, and we stayed in bed until it was finished.

He ate yogurt, lots of it, and a bit of rice cake. He also ate when his actual breakfast arrived--some hash browns and ketchup, and a few bites of egg.

He is feeling well and is in a good mood.

Just now, the radiation oncologist and the nurse from that office stopped by. They are SO nice, and they love The Boy. He likes them too--he has no problem waving and blowing kisses at them. His primary oncologist says that he doesn't wave or blow kisses unless he knows that she is sending us home. Stinker.

We have had today's nurse once or twice before. Not a favorite but no issues. I don't think we have any "issues" with any nurses that we have had, at least in this hospital...but some of them have to be favorites and others less so.

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JC said...

I definitely have my favorite nurses, but most are okay. Only one do I dread. Glad you don't have any arch enemies. LOL