Friday, April 17, 2009

Makes for a long day...

Blood transfusions tend to eat up most of the day. I was glad that when we arrived, the nurse-practitioner drew The Boy's blood pretty much right away. There are a few nurses, but one of them gets to do things like write orders for chemo and things like that. I like her. She's also expecting around the same time I am.

Anyhow, she drew the blood and, fortunately, one of the other nurses who ordered the blood forgot to allow time for premedications. Thus, the blood had to wait on him. But that's fine. Really, it was. They actually started the blood at 10:00. It runs for 2.5 hours or so, and then there is a flush. It didn't help that no one was there when the blood was done running. So we waited. Of course.

For the first half of the transfusion, The Boy slept--a Benadryl-induced nap. He awoke as the nurses brought me sandwiches. He ate all the turkey from one of the sandwiches but had no interest in the roll. He drank juice and ate jello.

It's tricky, chasing him around with the IV pole. Especially since it seemed like his line was rather short today. I was also by myself today, and unprepared, relatively speaking. I didn't bring any snacks or books. It was okay, because they always have snacks there and we ate just fine, but I still like to have something.

It is a relief that his ANC is decent, so hopefully we'll have a good weekend.

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