Friday, April 24, 2009

Why do I even know what a nephrologist is?

Just after I wrote my last post, the nephrologist came in to see David. I've seen her several times and brought The Boy for an office visit, but she still introduced herself. I guess as a courtesy...she is very nice and very polite.

She said that some of the problem could be just the amount of fluid that he's had to process. He has had two transfusions (one each of blood and platelets), and he has been on an IV since he has been here. The drip is a bit over an ounce an hour, so not too much. He does look a bit puffy. He also has a bit of the swelling in his scrotum.

She has ordered another urinalysis, and he will be having an ultrasound of his kidney. If he had both, they'd do both, but you know.

He is also back to having his BP med twice a day, for now.


JC said...

Just curious as to how high his BP is. Summer's was high I thought for a few days, but they didn't seem too concerned. Did your mom have kidney cancer too??? Just curious since my hubby does. Hope everything works itself out.

the mol said...

It was 130's over 80's at its highest, pretty much.

My mother did not have kidney cancer; she had a fibrosarcoma on her back, She had 6 cycles of Ifosphamide and Doxorubicin and, I think, 30 radiation treatments.

She does have high blood pressure, which she has had for decades (and blames on us kids). It improved after her diabetes diagnosis which led to her dropping some weight.