Friday, April 3, 2009

The valley

Today is day ten post chemo, where his white count (and possibly other counts) are the lowest. Thus, we stayed in today.

He gets his Neupogen shots to help those white cells rebound, but he still drops low especially after Cytoxan chemo. I forget that with the three day treatment he is usually back up by the second weekend, but with the five day, he is not.

Today I did a lot of housework. I am exhausted. The fun part was organizing the shelves in the kitchen. Every time The Boy saw food he liked, he insisted on having some. Cereals, raisins, bars, chips...some just to taste and see if he liked them. And avocado. Lots of it. I think he ate almost an entire one today. Awesome--lots of good fat and calories.

On the Bactrim--no luck. He took maybe half a dose when I alternated it with Zofran. Almost none this evening. Problem: it seems to cause him to cough. The cough started in the morning and went away after about two hours. Then it came back after the next attempt. IV meds it is. Musical Daddy said it's just not worth it to keep trying with the liquid. We have enough stress with Neupogen.

So hopefully we will have a good, if careful, weekend.

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JC said...

We are off the Bactrim too! Thank goodness for IV drugs. She also has a break from her shots since her white counts are up. She's really excited about that b/c, as you know, they are no fun to give or receive!