Monday, April 13, 2009


The Boy fell asleep in the middle of physical therapy, despite having had a nice morning nap. He didn't do much, and part of the session was just him sitting on my lap and the therapist massaging his feet, shaking his knees, and other such things, designed to remind him that they are there.

Of course, they are there, and he uses his feet and legs quite well.

He will be evaluated again in August, just by his current therapists and probably the care coordinator. He may not need further services, as it seems like he is on track for now, but then he may also experience a stall in his development...who knows? The initial concern, which was the walking, is pretty good now. The PT said that he may walk with a wider stance for a bit longer (at his age, a wide walking stance is typical), but since he has been improving so much, he'll likely correct himself in a reasonable amount of time even if it is slightly later than a typical child.

I need to get some dark meat chicken for The Boy. Probably some veggies for mushroom quinoa too. Quinoa is Kosher for Passover.

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