Monday, April 6, 2009

Living on the edge...

Even though Thursday's white counts weren't great (as I learned later, his ANC was in the 600's), we still had a busy weekend, complete with [paranoid handwiping] socializing. And it seems as though we came through relatively unscathed.

My sister and her boyfriend came for the weekend. That was fun. I would have liked to do some gaming with them. Maybe next time.

Also this weekend, some friends came down to visit, and we had a large gathering at TGIFriday's on Saturday night. 14 people total. A baby, a toddler, three kids, a teenager, and eight grown-ups. I don't especially like Friday's, but it was the easiest place to go with such a crowd. We were debating as to whether to bring The Boy and decided that if we were careful, he'd be fine.

Following dinner, we had the baby and his parents over. It was already 8:30 when they arrived, and both little guys were awake much later than either set of parents were expecting. The younger boy ended up being very interested in The Boy's toys. Toy cleaning immediately following. Nothing personal, but it was a good idea.

A bit about this other little guy: he is very friendly and outgoing, very expressive, and a lot of fun. He is 10.5 months old and is just starting to take his first steps. Watching him made us do a lot of what-iffing. This was what The Boy was supposed to be like at 10.5 months. Granted, he crawled later than this other little boy, so he probably would not have walked until closer to 1 year, but we realized exactly how reserved The Boy really is. He is still sweet and affectionate, but it usually takes him awhile to warm up to people. He is active and rowdy, but probably less than he otherwise would be, considering that he usually goes around with pretty low hemoglobin levels, translating to less energy. Some of the differences in the two boys are also attributable to the little one having been in daycare and The Boy always being cared for on his own (first Daddy, then Ms. R, then me). But I guess it's just extra sensitivity because this boy was around the age that The Boy was at diagnosis, which is when things went haywire.

Big plans for this week: we are going to Harrisburg for Passover! Just The Boy and me, with my family. Musical Daddy has a procedure in the morning on Wednesday and will be doing the Thursday service for Easter. I was hired to do the Easter gig but I said that I'd be unavailable that Thursday. Not a big deal--the more important stuff that I need to do is the Monday and Friday services, because in those I am one of six singers.

We will be returning mighty early on Friday morning so that we can get The Boy in for chemo. Another count check Wednesday before we leave, of course, but it should be fine.

The Boy still has hair on his head. Just fuzz, really, but the color is a medium brown. I wonder how much longer it will last. He didn't lose his hair until much later on with the last treatment, so maybe the time that he had to regrow it will allow him to keep it longer. Of course that makes putting stickers on his head a lot less fun.

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JC said...

Glad you all had a nice weekend with friends. I too sanitized the house as soon as they were gone. LOL Can't be too careful. Sometimes I catch myself forgetting to be as germ aware as I should, but in time I will get used to it I'm sure. When she feels good, I just see her as back to "normal" (if there is such a thing). Have a nice week!