Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend of Normal Things Part Deux

Fun times with the aunts this weekend. Aunts meaning my sisters, of course.

Saturday morning was the pancake breakfast at Musical Daddy's school. Can't go wrong with pancakes and eggs, two of The Boy's absolute favorite things to eat. We had to get second helpings of everything because he ate all the food!

He's really getting much better at walking. He can go all the way down the hall, or across a room, but not reliably yet. I'm looking forward to him not really crawling anymore. I know it will happen eventually, where walking becomes his primary mode of transportation. It's just much easier to keep his hands clean when they don't spend so much time touching the floor, as they do when he crawls or when he pushes up to stand.

I'm not sure if the PT/OT is what has gotten him going so well or if it's just good timing.

Anyhow, it was amusing and endearing when The Boy kept on walking from where I was standing in the doorway to the stage where Musical Daddy was performing with his band. This is a boy who LOVES his daddy.

When we got home, The Boy was asleep. Not unusual for him to fall asleep in the car, although the trip from where we were to our house is less than 10 minutes. Even more unusual was that he stayed asleep when we brought him in from the car. The aunts wanted to nap as well, so they went back to the guest room, and we put up the gate in the hallway so that The Boy didn't wander too far once he woke up.

Musical Daddy and I went for pedicures yesterday! I have gotten a pedicure twice before yesterday and have always been pleased, although it is a luxury and not something that we'd do frequently. Musical Daddy hadn't had one before but had been complaining about his feet being gross. Many men have rather gross feet. The salon actually charges more for men's pedicures, probably for that reason. He seemed to enjoy it, and his feet felt better afterward. I always love the way that my feet and legs feel after a pedicure. It was nice, also, to get out, just the two of us, for a brief period of time.

As it turned out, The Boy and the aunts were asleep when we got home. We joined them.

We ladies went to the movies after our nap while the boys went to the comic book store. We saw Madea Goes to Jail. Good flick, depending on the audience. I enjoyed it, and since Madea is a favorite character in our family, we probably laughed extra. We could all use extra laughs.

Musical Daddy had his show again last night. The aunts convinced me that we should go out to dinner. I was hesitant because I was unsure what The Boy would like to eat and not sure how he'd be feeling...but the thought of spaghetti made the decision pretty easy. We had a lovely meal, and The Boy was well-behaved. He enjoyed his spaghetti, as I expected. We had desserts as well. My peppermint pattie pie had some ice cream in it, of which he had a few tastes.

Bedtime was a struggle. He was SO tired but did not want to sleep. Fortunately, Musical Daddy got home and had more success. We're still putting him down in his own bed and letting him come in with us in the middle of the night (which is sometimes after we've gone to sleep but sometimes not). It still works this way.

Spring-forward is SO early...but it isn't as though we have a choice. The Boy was up at 7AM, new time, but eventually went back to sleep until 9. Breakfast, playing, and medicine were on the morning agenda. At one point, The Boy went into the bathroom and Aunt W couldn't figure out why he wanted to be in there, and I realized that he hadn't brushed his teeth yet. Maybe he remembered; maybe he just felt like doing his teeth. Or maybe he just wanted to play in the bathroom. Who knows?

At any rate, it was a fun weekend with my sisters and a relatively relaxing one as well. And nothing medically interesting. Thank goodness.

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