Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Musical!!!

Last night we attended a musical in which Musical Daddy played. He was operating some large machinery in the orchestra pit, including this little item:

Anyhow, we arrived early and didn't even purchase a ticket, figuring that The Boy wouldn't really sit still or be quiet enough for us to stay. I nabbed a seat in the back, hoping that no one else had been assigned that seat. He was a little antsy during the overture, but he calmed down and sat still as soon as the people appeared on stage. He fell asleep during the first act, maybe 20 minutes after the show started. He stayed asleep until about 30 minutes into the second act. There was a scene with police sirens, and there was clapping in the audience. Before he even realized that he was awake, he started clapping. He then sat up and watched the remainder of the show, not making a sound and moving only to clap his hands, kick his feet in rhythm, or conduct.

I am amazed at my child.

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JC said...

I bet my little girl would love a musical! Glad you got to enjoy it with hime! :)