Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not bad today

The Boy is looking paler today and, knowing that he's probably going to need blood tomorrow, I'm not surprised. Daddy said that he was a cranky-pants yesterday evening.

He has still been pretty impy today although he is sleepier. He has also eaten normally thus far, although he is getting his Zofran anyway, just in case.

We are SO excited that he is getting a swingset next month! Here is the set that he is getting. We'll be able to invite [healthy] friends over to play on it.

Also, the OT and PT recommended that The Boy have a sandbox. We didn't initially want one because of the mess factor, but they said that for sensory reasons, it would be good for him. I want this one, the Little Tikes turtle, because it seems like the easiest thing. I think we'll have to wait until we choose the location of the swingset to determine where the sandbox will go. And we have to be sure to put the lid on after we're done!!!

I had a great time at orchestra rehearsal last night. I was just feeling really focused and was very into playing. We're having our concert on Sunday afternoon. If The Boy's white count is decent, we'll bring him. If not, I'll call someone to come watch him, even if Musical Daddy doesn't attend the show, so that he has a chance to get some things done.

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Heather said...

That swingset is awesome. He will love it!