Thursday, March 5, 2009

Radiation 1

Which is either 1 of 6 or 1 of 7. We don't know for sure. The pathologist at CHoP, and the radiation oncologist there (who is supposed to be THE guy), thinks that The Boy should get 7 days instead of 6. Crap--I thought we were done with CHoP.

The surgeon that did The Boy's second surgery also said that since there had been a positive margin after the operation, he thought that the radiation should be given on the right side as well. I don't mind it--I'd rather that he get both sides.

Today was a tricky day. The Boy was rather antsy for part of the day, although he didn't complain too much about the lack of food. I distracted him and pretty much kept him out of the house so that he wouldn't be reminded of food. A side effect of this whole exercise was a lack of napping.

Musical Daddy invited me to bring The Boy to his school to play drums and such, as something else fun to do to keep his mind off of food. The children were amused. And impressed. His bass drum playing was really not bad; I've heard worse from 6th graders.

We met Grandpa at the hospital and checked in at Short Stay. We wanted to, rather, but they didn't seem to know we were coming. The lady asked if we had an appointment. Sure--like we just come here for fun. Radiation oncology even called looking for us, because it took them so long to figure out that we were, in fact supposed to be there. Grr.

The Boy's port didn't give a blood return again, even though the saline went in just fine. Also annoying. They left the port accessed, but tomorrow they're going to put in TPA. I don't know what that stands for, but basically it stops the port from being a one way deal as it has been for the past 2 days. He'll be de-accessed tomorrow, and then on Monday when they access the port again, they'll leave it in for the week.

It didn't take very long to get back to radiation. The anesthesiologist was one that we'd had for The Boy before, and he and everyone else were very nice. The doctor had stickers for The Boy, which ended up all over his head, on Grandpa's hand, and on my nose.

I went into the room, which was a different room than yesterday, as they were prepping him for positioning and treatment. It was scary, a little bit. I think I was in there for longer than I usually stay when it comes to his procedures (it took quite awhile to get him positioned). They had made the mold yesterday in which he lay, but they also had to tape him a lot. I guess it was just the sight of him, asleep from the anesthesia, looking so helpless and so little on that table, that made it difficult to watch.

There was a monitor outside of the room. I brought Grandpa back to the area where the monitor was so that he could see it, and he even snapped some photos. It would be great if every picture of The Boy were cute and funny and sweet, but it is not an accurate representation. Although he is still sweet, even with the mask on and all the machinery.

I asked--we do get to keep the body mold. Not likely that they can do anything else with it.

It didn't take too long, maybe a half-hour, but it was awhile before The Boy woke up. Once again, he wanted that nap that he hadn't gotten.

By the way, radiation oncology has good food! In the morning, there are bagels and muffins. When we were there today, there was chicken noodle soup. Coffee and tea all day, of course.

Tomorrow is the first of 5 (or 6?) bright and early treatments. Not even bright because after this weekend, daylight savings time kicks in, and we lose the part of the daylight that we actually need. Doesn't really matter to me what time it gets dark because we don't go many places in the evening. The treatment itself is at 7; I am supposed to get there at 5:30. Since it shouldn't take long and The Boy should probably wake up more easily after such a short procedure, the visit should be over quickly. Then we stop by for the TPA, and we go out for a nice breakfast.

We are picking up my sister at the airport tomorrow, around 10:30. My other sister is coming in the evening. We'll have a fun time. Musical Daddy is really busy this weekend, so I'm glad to have the help.

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