Friday, March 27, 2009

Medicine Woes

This evening I attempted to give The Boy his Bactrim, using the usual method of offering him honey, dipping the medicine syringe in honey, and giving it to him gradually.

Unfortunately, several hours earlier, at the treatment center, one of the nurses had given him Benadryl orally, which he usually gets as an IV med. I told her that he wasn't going to take it before she even tried, but she wanted to try anyway. Of course, he was in no mood for it, because it's gross. She held his chin up in order to get him to take it. He spit it out, and I told her to stop because I didn't want him throwing up. He got it IV anyway.

This evening, he was in no mood to trust a person with an oral syringe. I made the mistake of trying to give it to him anyway, and it caused a massive puke attack. Gross.

Musical Daddy pointed out that there was no use in getting upset at the nurse about it, because I should have told her right away that there was no chance of him taking that medication orally. Spilled milk, he said.

Another thing I could have done, and should have done, was to give him his anti-nausea medicine and then waited 5 minutes. I didn't think of that either. That would have made more sense, except that I was so misled by the fact that he had been feeling so well all week, with no appetite issues to speak of and no major aversions.

Anyhow, since we need to do laundry anyway, I may as well start with whatever set of laundry will include the puked-on outfit. Sigh.

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