Friday, March 13, 2009

Attached, part 2

Yesterday I posted before I was actually finished with the point of the post (dinner in a hurry), so allow me to finish.

I'll fix it when I write my memoirs.

The big idea is that these typically AP lifestyle choices aren't necessarily what cause attachment to form, but it helps. Especially when The Boy was younger, we would take him everywhere. It was important to us that he see all kinds of things and meet people. We saw to his needs so that he'd be more likely to be happy wherever we went, and we found that it worked well. He just fit into our lives naturally, without us having to force him.

To me, that's the point of AP. You don't have to give in all the time, nor do you need to be a super-selfless hero mom. You don't even have to do all of the things that I listed in the previous post. You just need to have room in your life for your children, and they need to know that from an early age.

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