Saturday, March 21, 2009

Have you met an impy boy?

I haven't been with The Boy much today, oddly enough. Usually I spend almost all of my time with him; now others get to experience the impiness that is The Boy. He had a good day today, and some good news: the doctor is going to move the chemo earlier each day so that, assuming all goes well, he can get chemo early in the morning on the last day and get hydration and post-chemo meds all day, so that he can be discharged that evening. Again, assuming all goes well.

As it stands, chemo weekends are almost a break for me, with other people picking up so much slack. Of course, much of the aftermath is my responsibility.

But it's not that bad. He is so sweet and so impy. He really gets a kick out of the extra attention, and it enriches his life to be so connected with so many people. He is lucky. So are we.

Today we looked at a swingset, and we are so excited! The Boy and IYH Baby Bear will have an awesome place to play. Also of note: the same manufacturer made the swingset that is now at the White House. Hey, if the President's daughters can have it, why can't The Boy?

I'm typing this on my iPod, which is not so easy. I'm going to wrap up now. Later.

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