Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here comes more chemo

Just got the call--counts are fine, so he'll be going in for more chemo to wreck 'em again. Oh yea, and keep the cancer away. Which is the goal. Hard to see the forest for the trees...

Anyhow, it's been fun to go without the hospitalizations for awhile. Calendar check reveals that if he stays on schedule, he'll be in for Easter weekend (3 day), 2 in May including Memorial Weekend, (both 5-6 days), the weekend that includes the Walk-A-Thon, and July 4th weekend (both 3 days). That will take care of Consolidation Phase and the first of six Maintenance Phase cycles.

Yes, that means that he'll be in for chemo when I'm due to have Baby Bear. Of course, The Boy couldn't read a calendar; why would Baby Bear do the same thing?

I'm not sure if he'll be delayed in his treatments during any of this time. Anything is possible, of course. We could continue having the good fortune that we've been having, to stay out of the hospital for all but scheduled visits and just have the occasional long outpatient day. Keeping everyone's hands clean and ascertaining his good days for either immunity or appetite (because one may be good while the other is not) or both has so far gone a long way. Or, we could have some issues. He could have delays because his counts don't recover fast enough. They check him frequently, but still, things change quickly.

So...we'll be doing this thing, starting tomorrow. At least we are making progress.

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Sarah R said...

Just keep on trucking seems to be your motto. I hope things continue to go smoothly and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel!