Sunday, March 29, 2009

Still no luck on the medicine.

He will take his blood pressure med, crushed, on a spoon of honey. I tried mixing his antibiotic in with his juice, but he's too smart for that, and refuses to drink it. I haven't given him anything else to drink today in the hopes that he'll get thirsty enough and take it, but I'm just doubting it.

Maybe they can give him the same medicine in pill form and I can just crush it and give with more honey.

Remember that even if I wanted to, I can't force him to take liquid meds, because he just throws up. Violently. Also, it is an entire teaspoon, twice a day, three days a week. Not that he's gotten much of it this weekend. Fortunately it is just a prophylactic; hopefully he didn't need that type of protection this week.

He was sort of cranky this morning, although he doesn't have a fever and he ate very well. Probably tired because he has decided that he doesn't want to sleep, now that he knows how to get out of any bed.


mommybird said...

That's how my daughter is with medicine. I've been told to just force her to take it, my response to that now is "ok, you try that then you can clean up the puke". I hope you can find a way for him to take it soon, good luck.

JC said...

I know how that violent vomitting feels! We are in the same boat. My hubby got her to take it this morning by putting it into the grape tylenol bottle and giving it to her through a dropper....we'll see if it works for me tonight.