Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review: Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Fingerpaints

The concept: a way for kids to use markers and fingerpaint without there being a risk of making a mess other places, like the wall or the sofa. The colors will only show up on the special Color Wonder paper. It comes with a Color Wonder coloring book and another set of plain Color Wonder paper, as well as 6 markers and 6 fingerpaint colors. In theory, this is a great idea--markers and paints that won't decrease the value of your home.

It says for ages 3 and up but if your child doesn't put everything in his mouth and you supervise the activity, it is fine for younger kids who should be working on fine motor skills.

The color wonder markers and fingerpaints do work on the special paper, but it doesn't show up right away. It takes even longer for the fingerpaints than for the markers, but in both cases it is difficult to know exactly what you've drawn.

The fingerpaint doesn't quite have the consistency of fingerpaint. It is more waxy. Like a partially melted candle, but greasier. I'm not sure I would want that stuff on my sofa either.

Also, with the set that we bought, the Go Diego Go set, the colors aren't great. It comes with brown, peach, orange, green, light blue, and dark blue markers. The fingerpaints are blue, orange, light green, brown, grey, and pink.

It isn't terrifically expensive and may be worth a try but personally, I'd rather that The Boy stick with crayons for now, because they aren't too messy either and he can see what he has drawn without waiting for the color to show up. It toys with his sense of cause and effect not to be able to see the colors.

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nancy said...

We LOVE color wonder now. I, like yourself, tried it before age 3 and my girls got frustrated because they expected immediate color. But now they are both well over 3, they know it takes a moment and they color in those books ALL THE TIME. I love them.

The fingerpaints sound weird though - haven't tried those yet.