Friday, March 20, 2009

The snowball effect

Today we are in for chemo 5. My intention was to arrive at 7:45. Beat the school traffic, take the faster way, you know...

I was barely on pace to make it as it was when I noticed Musical Daddy's phone on the bathroom counter. He was gone and was supposed to go on a trip. He needed it, no question. I rushed us out of the house and went to his school. Luckily he answered his office phone. What I should have done was to get our stuff and then go, but I didn't realize that we had that kind of time.

So, instead of 7:45 it was closer to 8:15, even though we didn't leave the house too much later. But then there was more traffic and...and...

Our late arrival meant a longer wait in admitting. There was a delay in getting the room. Which meant that they didn't get anything started until 10:30. Port was accessed at 11:00. Hydration check at 1:00. Chemo begins this afternoon, instead of this morning, pretty much guaranteeing an extra night here. All over a delay of a few minutes.

Now I know to talk to Patient Relations when we have issues in admitting.

The Boy seems to be feeling fine. He was naturally a bit antsy at all the waiting.

More updates to come.


JC said...

I'm on a break from the hospital. I only live 10 minutes away so my mom gives me a little break everyday. So far so good I guess. Summer got these drugs today: vincristine, doxorubicin , and cyclophosphamide. I thought I noticed her face swelling a little, but I could just be nervous and "seeing" things. I have a feeling I'm about to become a germaphobe (sp??), but not at all excited about it. I've never seen sick people look so scary. LOL Anyway, hope you all are having a good day so far. I am thinking of you!

Musical Daddy said...

You are the sweetest, most wonderful, most considerate wife in the entire world. The phone was immensely useful.