Monday, March 9, 2009


Busy day for us today!

This evening I decided that The Boy and I would attend the Megillah reading at our shul. Purim began at sundown, and it's a fun holiday that involves costumes. Like this one:

The Boy wasn't too keen on the hood, which was why he was trying to remove it.

The reason why it is so much fun to attend a Megillah reading is that every time the reader mentions the name of Haman, the villain in the story, those listening make a lot of noise to drown out his name. The Boy likes noise, so I thought he might enjoy this. He even got his own noisemakers. In addition to shaking and rattling the noisemakers, people would also say "boo" about the villain. The Boy caught onto this pretty quickly. When asked "What do you do when you hear Haman?" he now says "boo!!!!"

Glad we went.

Interestingly enough, a little boy, about four years old, was fascinated by The Boy and his little Tigger costume. He was trying to get a response from The Boy and was trying to sign "Thank You" to him. The Boy did it a little bit. He then tried to touch The Boy's hand, and I pulled away. His parents said something about little kids and how their hands are always dirty and in everything. That bugged me (true though it may be) because my kid gets his hands washed/wiped frequently. My response? "Actually, he's a cancer patient and really shouldn't be touched by a lot of people." They were done with us. Oh well. Bye.


Musical Daddy said...

It's really hard sometimes, isn't it, dealing with other parents and people? I mean, we want to be friendly and meet new people; but, by the same token, we can't let The Boy act like a normal kid all the time. If he gets sick... it's a shame that other parents and other people don't understand or don't want to understand.

Sarah R said...

If I would have been that lady, I would have apologized 100 times over. I can't believe some people are just so...insensitive, I guess I would call it. There is genuine reason for you guys to take every precaution with The Boy.