Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Radiation 5

Once again, uneventful. We were just SO tired, though. The Boy didn't sleep much last night, after having slept quite a bit during the day. He kept me up, and then kept Musical Daddy up. 4 hours of sleep, or thereabouts, isn't really enough.

He slept most of the time in the hospital before his treatment and was actually given the sleepy meds even though he was sleeping already. Made it quite a bit easier.

He woke up but was uninterested in the pancakes that Grandpa brought. I was, however, quite happy to have them.

I asked Grandpa for help in changing one of my headlight bulbs. It's pretty tricky in my car for some reason, even though I've done it before in other cars. We spent WAY too much time in the hospital parking lot. The Boy was mad. I was mad, and I was mean to two old ladies who wanted to know if they should get security. Please--you see a competent looking man with a toolkit--you don't need security.

Picked up Aunt W from the train station. She was in NYC for a few days after having visited with us here and is back so that she can watch The Boy tonight while I go to rehearsal and Musical Daddy does the same. We had bagels; The Boy had yogurt, shredded wheat, and watermelon. He likes dipping the watermelon in the yogurt. Unfortunately, Aunt W missed him taking his bib off which was filled with both watermelon and yogurt; it made more mess than we would have liked. Oh well.

Naptime, then. Or so I thought. I think that The Boy likes the Classical Baby DVD too much to sleep. I dozed a bit on and off while he tore around the room. He can get up onto the bed now, which is fun. We should really stick with Goodnight Moon for sleep purposes, however, because nothing else does it better. Except, possibly, House. Don't know why. Maybe because he's seen it all before.

We came out here for awhile after it was clear that I was getting no rest and I started to fold laundry. The Boy wanted to sit on my lap and watch TV. Then he fell asleep. But wouldn't stay asleep when I moved him and could not be soothed back to sleep, either. Stinker. No rest for the weary.

Lunch was good, although late. Aunt W did some quality playing with The Boy, allowing me to fold laundry, finally. He also called her by name once. Of course, we could not get him to repeat it.

Currently, she is taking him out for a walk. I should be napping; maybe I'll try that now.

Only two more days of this. Then I sleep.

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