Monday, March 16, 2009

Count Check:

The Boy had good counts today, up from last week, which is a bit surprising but not a bad thing. Platelets were good, in the 100-something, hemoglobin was 10.9, white count was 3.5 with an ANC of about 2500.

I would have remembered the numbers better but the nurse called while the PT was here and I didn't have time to process it. It's not tremendously important but the point is that he has good counts.

That means that we can go out and do stuff this week. That also means that it is likely that chemo will start on Friday. Then again, his counts could go down. Not likely, as they should have done so already as a result of the radiation. They were down from the beginning of radiation to the end, but still okay at that point, and up from the end of radiation until now.

In terms of The Boy's overall health and well-being (such as it is), radiation was much easier than the chemo that he's been getting these days. In terms of's really just the sleep thing that was difficult.

The physical therapist noticed major gains in The Boy, even from 2 weeks ago when we started. We haven't seen the occupational therapist in awhile, as last week she was sick (not too sick to work but too sick to be around us) and the week before that, our radiation appointment ran later than we thought it would. So she's only seen him once.

Weather report is pretty good for much of this week, except for tomorrow, so we'll be sure to spend time out and about. Possibly armed with sidewalk chalk.

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Heather said...

Drawing on the sidewalk is such fun. It is great to hear that his counts are good. Go David!