Sunday, March 22, 2009

Switch it up again

More on toddler food: The Boy doesn't like vanilla ice cream right now. We tried giving him his meds in ice cream, which he normally likes, and he wasn't having it. Weird. Then he went into the fridge and got applesauce, which he hasn't liked in awhile. Weirder.

In other news, it was another day where The Boy slept a lot during the day and will likely be Mr. Up All Night.

We had a lovely evening. Friends came to visit, one of whom was a baby. Little kids can't visit the patients unless they are siblings, but we enjoyed a pizza dinner in the lobby and switched off keeping the two sweet little ones company.

A lovely surprise: The Boy's sitter from when he was little-tiny walked off the elevator, with her son, on her way down the hall to see her mother who was on the same floor (obviously not in the same wing...). She watched The Boy on Tuesdays during marching season, when Musical Daddy had to be up north at 2:30 we needed someone to cover the 1.5-2 hours between the time he had to drop him off to when I could pick him up, after work. I hadn't seen her in awhile although we've been in touch. She and I are both expecting child #2 around the same time. After she went to visit her mother, she came back to the waiting area and I brought her in to see The Boy and Musical Daddy. Grandma came back in soon after. She and my mother and I talked for quite awhile and played with The Boy, who was just extra charming.

Rice, along with some spinach, are working just fine for The Boy. Right now the turkey coldcuts are also okay.

I think he looks a little puffy from all the IV fluids, but other than that, he still looks relatively happy and...well, healthy is not quite the word you'd normally use to describe someone on chemo but if you did use it, it would work. He is still pushing up to stand and walking as he has been, which has made it a little bit more interesting to contain him. He is more aware of his surroundings and understands things like...the fridge has food, and that door over there leads to the outside and going for walks. The Boy went for a walk in the hallway, with Daddy, and I suppose we can make that a regular thing (although The Boy must wear shoes and wipe off on the way back in the room) if he requests it. And requesting is something that The Boy has no problem doing.

For example, he wanted a little bite after dinner, and Grandma gave him a rice cake. No sooner did it hit his tray when he said "honey" several times, clear as a bell. And he didn't even see the honey, but he knew that rice cakes and honey belong together.

He definitely doesn't seem like quite himself, but he's certainly above average, for him. And we'll be glad to have him stick out this hospital stay in a similar fashion.

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