Friday, March 6, 2009

Radiation 2--Dr. Personality

Today's radiation treatment went pretty quickly and without much incident. We arrived on time and checked in. The Boy's port was already accessed from yesterday, so we didn't have to wait for that. They came on time to get him and it was just a matter of waiting around a bit. From the short stay unit we went directly into the radiation room.

The anesthesiologist today did not meet us in short stay as is usually the case. We saw him as soon as we got to radiation. To say that he lacked proper bedside manner would be the understatement of the year. He insisted that we take The Boy off of the bed, away from me, before they were actually ready for him. The other anesthesiologists had sedated him while he was still in my arms. He was already crying a little bit because he saw the machines, and as soon as they put him on the table he was hysterical. Unnecessarily so. The nurse said that I could pick him back up, once she figured out that they weren't really ready. They asked for him to be put back down, and I complied once I was sure that they were actually about to get started.

It was needlessly upsetting for him and for me. It's hard, regardless, to see him with the machinery and such, but it was a little easier when he isn't taken from me crying.

After they finished the treatment, the anesthesiologist insisted that The Boy be put back on the bed by himself instead of being given back to me. Again, completely different from what was done before. It's an ordeal regardless, and it's not fun for him, but at least it takes some of the stress off of both of us when he goes to sleep in my arms and wakes up there too.

The doctor and nurse knew that it wasn't right, and I reminded them that I was very unhappy with the way that everything had gone. They assured me that they had complained. We didn't need to hang out for very long; we did need to go to the treatment center to address an issue with The Boy's port. As soon as we got there, the nurse said that she heard about our troubles. She went to check the port and, of course, it was fine. He was going to get the TPA put in, and then we'd go to breakfast and come back, but since he didn't need it after all, we were just able to leave.

Breakfast with Grandpa was fun. The Boy was a little rambunctious because he was SO hungry!! He ate more than one pancake, his egg, and a few bites of toast with jelly. The toast was too hard to be worth the effort for him. He punctuated his meal with a nice poo. Of course, no changing table.

I returned to the treatment center, which was down the street from the diner, to pick up some info about a walk on June 13th, and changed his diaper there. We went from there to the airport to pick up my sister.

It's supposed to be nice out this weekend, so we'll hopefully spend time outside.

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Sarah R said...

Hugs--I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. That has to be so hard to have them pull him away from you when he's crying and you both need each other.