Friday, March 13, 2009

Radiation 7--bye!

All done! The Boy really needs a long bath.

They did not tattoo him; they decided that since he was only being treated for a short time, they'd just draw on him instead.

Coupled with a port that stayed accessed all week, that meant that baths would be tricky.

We kept the molded cradle. They didn't need it, after all.

Tomorrow morning, we sleep in.


JC said...

Wish I would've known about the numbing cream before we went today. They put an IV in her arm, the left one which she uses for thumbsucking. :) I was not happy, but now I know what kind of cream you are talking about.

We are up for radiation soon. Summer got marked up today, but since then the treatment has been postponed waiting on pathology to come back. I guess you know how it is. :)

Glad you are all done with yours! I pray your son is doing well!

the mol said...

They did that to our son too, at his first admission. They put an IV and a robo-hand thing on his right hand and he couldn't suck his thumb!! He was 10 months old at the time.

As soon as he has recovered from radiation (which really isn't that bad but it affects blood counts), it's back to chemo.