Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Valerie Fund Walkathon

Please join us on Saturday, June 13th, for the Valerie Fund Center's walkathon. The Valerie Center is where The Boy goes for his cancer treatment. He goes to the main hospital for chemo, since he is inpatient for that, but he still spends quite a lot of time at the Valerie Center, and his doctors there are wonderful.

Join the team and walk with us!


Make a contribution to our team!

Also, in case you are concerned about your walking ability...since I'll be about 3 weeks away from my due date with Baby Bear, I'll be heading up the B squad. We'll go VERY slowly.

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the mol said...

I should also mention that not only are the doctors wonderful, but the nurses, child life specialist, social worker, and volunteers are great as well.