Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mommy OUT

With Grandma here for a fun visit instead of a hospital visit, I felt that much more comfortable going out last night to hear The Big Apple Chorus, with guests Voices of Gotham and The Alexandria Harmonizers. Good show. Good times. Nice to get out of the house. Of course, going into NYC is a giant pain. Thanks to my friend who drove. Of course, everything gets complicated when dealing with four other people...getting from place to place was a production each time. Mental note: bring GPS next time, no matter who is driving.

Review from Baby Bear: mad kicks to 'Round Midnight and Alexandria. Favorite songs were "Since I Don't Have You" (not sure if I have the right title) and Drunken Sailor.

I didn't do as much singing at the afterglow as I thought I wanted to. In retrospect, I should have found time to take a nap yesterday because I was a little giddy and very tired. It was after 2AM when we finally left the place. A conversation that I had involved my saying "I like cake" despite the fact that my opinion on said cake was not requested. Actually, I was telling someone that Musical Daddy was not in attendance that evening because he had schoolwork to do and gigs coming up over the next few weeks that would make it difficult to get much done, so he had to stay home and work. Not entirely true because he did spend a good chunk of time with Uncle B (not his uncle; his BFF) playing games and reading comics, but since he was not out past 3AM, he was able to spend the later evening on his work. Point being, I said that missing the show was a drag, but gigs are nice and we like money. Then I said I like cake. What, don't you?

Voices of Gotham performed an arrangement of "Loch Lomond" last night. The arrangement was, I thought, only okay, but the performance was quite good. I'm rather fond of the way that Realtime sings it, which might possibly have colored my perception a bit. The song makes me think of my kids at school, as I envisioned and arranged this song for them last spring. It took quite awhile for them to even like the arrangement, but they did, and it worked fantastically.

I miss them.

Anyhow, it has been a wonderful weekend with The Boy and Grandma, and even with Musical Daddy being more available this weekend than he will be for the next two. He has continued to be energetic and fun and sweet. And hungry. I do worry as we get further away from him having had a treatment of some kind, but the next phase starts very soon, and I fully expect the doctors to keep things under control.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep feeding him as much delicious food as he wants, and I'll continue to let him play and improve his walking skills and talk to us. It does seem as though he backslides a bit after staying in the hospital and only bounces back once he has finished feeling sick from chemo. Radiation is not supposed to be too bad in that regard although Grandma was quite tired from her treatment. Of course, she wasn't too tired to come here and await the birth of The Boy...seems like ages ago.

To do today: straighten up (again; should last for 30 minutes or less), go to the grocery store. Play with The Boy.

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