Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sleeping in is for those with lives of leisure

Those of us who have children just need to suck it up and get out of bed when their children start barrelling down the hallway saying "hungEE!! hungEE!!" at 6:20 AM.

Gone are the days when The Boy would sleep until 7:30 and doze in bed watching TV until 8. This week, he has decided that he wants to have breakfast with Daddy. Not such a bad thing--I do enjoy the extra few minutes of time that we get to spend together as a result of this change. However, I like sleep. It is good.

Today's sleeping pattern was completely different from what I wished would happen, with the exception of a morning nap making lunchtime with Daddy MUCH easier. He woke up at 6:20, fell asleep at 9-something after our shower (and he was naked, on the bed, with a bunch of clean laundry--talk about tempting fate!!) and napped until 10:30, fell asleep again at 2:45 in my lap and slept until we attempted to move him into bed so that he'd nap with Daddy--two days in a row that he has missed the Daddy nap as a result of drifting off too early, and then he crashed at 7:00, in my lap again.

I thought that since it was so early that he'd wake up within the hour, but he stayed there for over 2 hours before I tried to move him. Couldn't get anything done...I didn't even attempt to move him into his bed, but I successfully relocated him to our bed. I sat with him for 2 minutes and he was fine after I left. I was able to do the dishes and perform a cursory cleaning of the kitchen. I like to do a thorough cleaning once a week and a few light wipe-downs as needed. Well, let's quit lying--"like" is quite the overstatement.

Both the afternoon nap and his falling asleep for the evening were preceded by fantastic playtimes out on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. The weather today was just warm enough to go without jackets (which may be a matter of opinion; if I were walking with The Boy and he were in the stroller, he'd be wearing one), and tomorrow looks to be the same. Other than OT tomorrow in the early afternoon and orchestra for me in the evening, we don't have anything planned yet. We'll probably walk to the library or somewhere, just to go out, and so that I can get myself moving.

Speaking of moving, I probably mentioned that I have been impressed by The Boy's walking. He has been getting around the house by walking more and more. However, he still won't walk from the car to the store, or from the car to the treatment center. His oncologist reminded me that pretty soon I won't be able to carry him anyway, with my being pregnant and all.

I get the feeling that I'll know when lifting The Boy is too challenging, which may not be for awhile yet. And hopefully The Boy will be better at walking by the time it becomes an issue.


The Reluctant Crunchy Mama said...

You are so right! We are so very tired! I wouldn't change a thing, but, yes, absolutely, I'd love to get more sleep! "Hungee!" Too cute! Sounds like he is doing a great job with words!

JC said...

I wish I could sleep as late as Summer. She gets up around 7:30, but I have been waking around 5 something. I just can't sleep anymore. :( I bet I will be able to in the hospital though if those nurses aren't coming in every 4 seconds. When is the baby due anyway? I am sure your body will tell you when you can't carry him anymore. Luckily God made us strong enough to bear all burdens (or joys in this case) he lays before us. :)