Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am Blanket.

Last night, having been the first diaper hell in 7 weeks, took some getting used to.

The Boy woke up during just about every change and apparently would only be settled by me. And he also woke up an extra time right in the middle. He'd get just SO MAD and as soon as I sat with him, he'd snuggle up and start drifting off. But he had to have my arm to hold, as if it were his blankie.

The extra complicated part was that I didn't want to spend the first part of the night sleeping in the bed with them because I wanted him to get all the IV fluids out of him, because IV fluids + toxic pee can easily lead to toxic leakage, and no one wants that. Especially me, being pregnant. I'd go in the room and fight sleep which was the opposite of what I really wanted to be doing. The greater concern is really the fluid and chemo combination, not so much just the chemo, because on his first regimen, we didn't have any problems with diaper leakage when we were at home. If he did get any IV fluids, it was only for a few minutes earlier in the day and was generally not an issue by bedtime.

I can't believe how easy this hospital stay was for all parties involved. Except for the whole Mr. Up All Night thing.

Right now, The Boy is looking great and feeling very much like himself. He came into the treatment with excellent numbers, so it will take a little time for him to start feeling like garbage. We have to start up with Neupogen again. Not looking forward to it.

Anyhow, I still have to get to the whole hospital post. Coming up.

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