Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rage Against Your Mom

First let me begin by saying that we are home and got out with no major issues. Well, almost no issues. I had to fight with the security guys who decided that my parking validation was no good. Hopefully this won't cause me any future problems. By the way, they did end up accepting it.

Anyhow, the evening was just fine. The Boy slept until dinnertime, ate a reasonable amount at dinner, and then was excited to play on the mat with Mommy. We watched lots of our favorite things, and we clapped along.

Very cute: we had Babysongs on, and there's a song called "So Big." He is already able to reach out with his arms when asked, "How big is The Boy?" In this particular song, in all the verses, it says some variation on "Is he bigger than a flea? Yes yes yes! Is he bigger than the sea? No no no!" (bigger than a fly/the sky). When the song said "no no no," The Boy said it too!!

There was a twist in his tubing that, had we not been leaving, would have warranted some new tubing. As it was, I had to keep holding it to straighten it so that his IV pump wouldn't beep. This was especially important as he was getting his last medication through the IV. As the nurse was removing the tubing, I sang "I Got No Strings" for The Boy, which was mildly amusing to him.

Daddy arrived at the hospital just in time for us to get set to go. The Boy didn't really want to leave--he decided that he'd prefer to raid the refrigerator and take out the toys that were being put away. He was crying about leaving. Of course, he had also been crying about having to be held for his port de-access before Daddy arrived. Sometimes, he just gets mad.

Five day chemo in five days!!! So nice!!! I think that the doctor understands that we really want what is best for our boy and that staying overnight an extra night is just so hard for everyone. At least I hope she does. Initially, she said that we shouldn't really expect to do the five day chemo in five days. But it didn't really seem that hard to get it to happen. The biggest issue is making sure that he gets his initial chemo medication in a timely fashion, as soon as possible. If starts late on one day, they move it a bit earlier next day.

My next post, which I may start working on now or I might just go ahead and sleep and work on it later, will be a list of items and information for parents of toddlers who need to be hospitalized for any reason. One of our new friends who has recently begun the cancer journey was across the hall and we didn't even know it!! I happened to stop by because I heard the music therapist in there, just poking my head in the window. The mother of the little boy said to me, "Oh hi, I sent you a text." I'm thinking, why is this person sending me texts--does she think I'm someone else? As it turns out, we had never actually met face-to-face but she recognized me. We talked on the phone, and my mother had met her and given her my number in the first place. And no, I didn't get her text, because all she had was my landline which doesn't get text of course. I proceeded to send her a message from my phone so that she'd have my mobile number. At any rate, the hospital thing is a lot to deal with and we've had great luck bringing the things that we do and asking for several things that we need. They don't give you anything or help you with anything if they don't know to do so.

Thinking about it, I'm going to catch an hour and fifteen minutes of ZZZ's before I have to get up and change a diaper. Later.

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JC said...

I'm glad you all got to go home.

Summer doesn't like to get her tubing disconnected either, but I am hoping she will get used to it. It makes me feel like the bad guy holding her tight to keep her from flailing around, but it must be done! Gotta love being the mommy in those situations...