Monday, March 9, 2009

Radiation 3--Wait for it...

They were all ready for us in radiation oncology and anesthesia...but the nurse who was supposed to come in to access his port just plain forgot. Oops. So, lots of waiting, but everything was just fine today. No other problems and no attitudes.

3 treatments finished. 4 to go. We should get out of there at about 8AM each time this week, but today it was 8:30 because of the delay. Additionally, the port worked fine both ways. The Boy will stay accessed all week, so we'll have to be careful, knowing that the needle and little tube are in place.

The Boy seems to have something of a diminished appetite, and less of a taste for meat. I can sympathize, as I tend toward the same thing while pregnant. This morning I brought him a fruit bar, which he ate half of, and a little container of YoBaby yogurt. We usually buy the big container of yogurt and give it to him in a bowl; that doesn't travel so well, so I bought the little ones. He ate about half of that. Of course, he was thrilled to have his little juice box with white grape juice in it. As long as he keeps drinking his juice and eats some, I'm not too worried. He'll bounce back.

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