Monday, March 23, 2009

Nighty nighty...

Around 6:30, Grandma and The Boy fell asleep. I think that Grandma was ready first, and then The Boy asked to get up in the bed. He just stirred, but he is still asleep after a quick kiss from Grandma, and it is now 7:45. It is very easy to calm a little one while they are sleeping if he stirs, just by giving a little hug or a little kiss. Children who are generally not fitful sleepers, who may just stir a bit from time to time, are excellent candidates for sharing a bed with a loving parent or two (or grandparent, in this case) because it means more sleep for all parties. He stirs, it wakes us just enough to give a quick snuggle, everyone settles back to sleep. Or, while he was nursing, he wakes me just enough so that I can get him latched on to nurse, and then we're out again. Of course there are plenty of drawbacks and benefits to sharing the bed with the little one, but this post isn't really about that so I won't go into it further. I just felt like remarking on this perfect example that I just witnessed.

As they slept, Grandpa and Daddy left, and I sat around for a bit reading email and the like. Then I made sure that everything was set for nighttime--enough diapers, wipes, and cotton balls set out; toys and playmat cleaned and put away (even though he'll probably wake up at some point and want to play in the middle of the night but at least everything is clean now); water available for Grandma, which she needs to drink because otherwise she'll cough a whole bunch and no one needs that; and just some general straightening. 8:00 is the next diaper change, after which I'll get going.

Have I mentioned that The Boy is REALLY cute?

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