Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleeping it off

FINALLY after spending the entire morning playing, and swallowing something at lunch wrong, causing it to come back up, The Boy went to sleep.

As I mentioned, I am not yet too concerned about the throwing up because it only happened once, and he was trying to continue to eat pretzels right after it happened. He was upset, but only because he didn't like getting cleaned up and messed with. So he is probably fine. Just the same, it always makes me a little nervous, because I worry about it happening again and him not wanting to eat/drink...and if he is sick and not wanting to eat or drink, the doctor will not want to send us home tomorrow after he finishes his chemo and his medicines that go with it.

It's just so much healthier for all of us to have him at home. He sleeps better, as do we.

He doesn't look pale at all, so hopefully his blood is still fine for now. This chemo, even though it can be rough in terms of immediate effects, has actually been less harsh on his blood, in previous experience.

It shouldn't surprise me that he would start to feel less like himself as he progresses through treatment although with the exception of lunchtime, he has still been a little impy boy.

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